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Angelic Cher

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The 70's


The 70's was a big era for Cher both in and out of the spotlight. While both Cher and Sonny were given their own reality television show and Cher was releasing a great number of albums, life began to get hard for the Diva. She was now a mother and Cher relised that it was time to grow up.
So by 1975 it was the end of the famous duo... but it certainly wasn't goodbye.



Cher's 70's Albums
  • Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves - November 1971
  • Foxy Lady - August 1972
  • Bittersweet White Light - May 1973
  • Half-Breed - October 1973
  • Dark Lady  - 1974
  • Cher Greatest Hits - 1974
  • Stars - May 1975
  • I'd Rather Believe In You - 1976 
  • Cherished - April 1977
  • Allman and Woman Two The Hard Way, Cher and Gregg Allman - 1977
  • Prisoner - April 1979
  • Take Me Home - April 1979 



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