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Angelic Cher

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The Farewell Tour


In June of 2002 Cher hit the road one last time. Cher was originally meant to only do 59 dates across America, but more than 247 shows later Cher is still going. The Farewell Tour has been going for over two years now and Cher has played for more than 2.5 million people.
However, the show is approaching its end. Cher will finish up her farewell tour and say her finally goodbyes in Adelaide of the 15th of March 2005.
So as Cher has said time and time again...
Follow This You Bitches!


Like an arctic queen fallen from heaven, Cher sure knows how to make entrance while singing the shows opening number "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".


Cher loses her big arctic coat and carries on by singing "Song For The Lonely".


Dressed as an Indian Princess, Cher sings songs such as "Gayatri Mantra", "All Or Nothing" and "I Found Someone". 


At this point we are taken down memory lane as we look back at clips of Cher in the early years. Here we see her with Sonny and with other famous faces on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.
Cher arrives back on stage in her classic 60's look, bell bottom pants and a fur vest as she sings "All I Really Want To Do", "Half-Breed", "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" and "Dark Lady".


Cher slows down the pace at this point in the show by appearing in a beautiful evening gown and singing two romantic songs, "The Way Of Love" and "After All". 


She knows she's gorgeous!
Cher wears a very sassy outfit which is a combination of her original I Found Someone and If I Could Turn Back Time outfits. She performs "Strong Enough" and her scandalous "If I Could Turn Back Time".


Cher celebrates her 200th show in Canada by having a special Halloween theme on the 31st of October 2003.


With her serious jacket and serious hat Cher talks about being an evil diva for 40 frickin' years and she has a few words of "advice" for girls like Briteny and J-Lo.
The fun is about to begin as Cher declares the official beginning of the Cher-est show on earth!


With a little help from Bob Mackie, Cher really knows how to make a Mohawk look fabulous. She also wears a body suit here with stunning tribal patterns printed all over it. A powerful outfit to match a powerful song as Cher performs "Bang Bang".


Only Cher could make a rivial of 70's disco fever sound good, while wearing a stunning red number to complete it.
Here she sings her 1979 disco hit of "Take Me Home".


Cher wears a more casual outfit of jeans and a white top as she performs her one cowboy song, "Just Like Jesse James", "Heart Of Stone" and her biggest hit besides Believe "The Shoop Shoop Song".


Do you Believe in life after... Cher?
All good things must come to an end, but not before a massive finale. Cher finishes her already fabulous show by performing her biggest hit ever, Believe.
Although this is the last time Cher will ever tour, it certainly isn't the Diva's final goodbye.
For Cher and all her fans out there...
The beat will go on.

Follow this you Bitches!